About Low Carbon Activities

There are so many variety types of activities held every day in Taiwan. Those activities include international, national, regional or local meetings, exhibitions, and events. Every activity must use energy and/or other resources for whole process that starts from preparing, proceeding, and ending stages. Each stage should have a lots potential space for saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint; such as quest invitation, venue choice, transportation, equipments, food preparation, waste and recycling. However, only a few of organizers with a comprehensive and concerning environmental insight can conduct the process and deliver a goal of low energy consumption, low pollution and low carbon emission activity.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on governments to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste in order to reduce ecological footprint generated by meetings and events, and therefore the relevant organizations belong to the UN immediately launched a series of actions and initiatives, trying to figure out the ways for holding a green meeting. In 2009, the UN Environment Programme summarized all remarkable conclusions that were collected from distinguished experts and published “Green Meeting Guidelines”. The aim of this publication is to grab communities’ attention to the negative environmental impacts caused by activities.

Low carbon activity” is a measure to evaluate the negative environmental impacts of activities that include conferences, exhibitions and celebrations. With its emphasis on the planning and implementation stages, activities with the measure minimize potential environmental impacts such as greenhouse gases emissions, waste and resource use.

Environmental Protection and Low Carbon Activity LOGO

In order to promote the low carbon activities in the periods of planning, implementation and post-activity as much as possible, the Taiwan EPA promulgated "Note of application for environmental protection and low carbon activity LOGO". If a activity meets with the requirements on the note, the organizers may apply for an environmental protection and low carbon activity LOGO online through this website. The LOGO highlights activity that is compliant with environmentally friendly requirements.

On Behalf of Significance LOGO: Green partners to reduce CO2

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, green means tending to preserve environmental quality and so is the predominant color of logo. Three people stand hand in hand in a semicircle shows partners on behalf of the organizers, facilities providers and participants to collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How to apply for a low-carbon environmental protection activities LOGO?

All applicants without an account must register a new one and fill out the basic information notice. After received the proof by the system, the applicants can login and apply a LOGO online.