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Definition of Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint development plan is divided into two stages for implementation.

First stage: Promoting Carbon Footprint label to assist consumers to search for low carbon products as substitution.

Currently, systems of carbon footprint label in the world have not been standardized. Also, only a few numbers of products had applied carbon footprint label. Lack of comparison in the same category leads to lower efficiency of low carbon economy promotion. Therefore, the first stage is to encourage companies to be involved, to measure the products’ carbon footprints and to document the products’ carbon footprint for the public.

Second stage: To develop Carbon Footprint label, provide consumers a guide to purchase low carbon products.

During the first stage, Carbon Footprints of most products are becoming revealed, the government procurement will be going to green as well. It is a good incentive for companies to decrease their product's carbon footprint. At the same time, the green product chain may be established by government’s cultivation and the goal of lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions is also achieved. Even for consumers, when they are shopping around, may be involved in the green product chain, and therefore also make some contributions to reducing carbon emissions. It will also accomplish the green economy for all people.